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Development of new therapies and
treatments to improve citizens health

Internationally renowned
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Emma Recio

Emma Recio

Emma Recio

Email: ereciof@riojasalud.es

Phone: +34 941 278 870 (Ext.:89870)


She studied Laboratory Technician at Zabálburu School (Bilbao, Vizcaya) obtaining the certificate in March 2001. The training during her studies was carried out in an Analysis & Cytology Private Laboratory, directed by MD. Adolfo García-Riego. In 2014, she obtained the B certificate for animal experimentation.

In 2004, she continued her vocational training participating in the development of a non-invasive technology for bladder cancer detection, looking for markers in urine samples by 2D-electrophoresis technique, Proteomics Unit (Medplants Genetics, S.L.).

From 2004 to 2009, she worked at Genetics Laboratory in CIC-bioGUNE (Derio), managed by PhD. David Gubb, using the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as animal model for the study of metabolic disorders of Serpins, a large group of proteins, capable of inhibiting other proteins (enzymes of the protease group). She worked mutating by inserting plasmids using the technique of embryo microinjections, establishing and maintaining genetic fruit-fly lines, and analyzing the disorders previously mentionated.

From 2009 to 2011 she iniciated her work at CIBIR (Logroño), in Infectious Diseases Department, under the direction of MD-PhD. José Antonio Oteo. She worked in the Arthropod Vectors Unit until 2011, managed by PhD. Arantza Portillo, using different techniques required for infectious diseases diagnosis, using human samples and cell cultures, under containment level 2 and 3 facilities.

Since 2011, she is currently working in the Infectious Diseases, Microbiota and Metabolism Unit managed by PhD. Patricia Pérez Matute, handling mouse samples, human samples & cell cultures (under containment Level 2). In this team, she has enriched her competences working research techniques such as Western Blot, ELISA, Multiplex, DNA & RNA extraction, qPCR, Histologycal Analysis, Bioanalyzer, Cell cultures, Freeze-drying, Bioimpedance, Microscopy, etc., as well as participate in Seminars and Congresses such as SEBBM.






11 April 2017


Infectious Diseases, Microbiota and Metalobism


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