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Creativity and Innovation
for the patient

Development of new therapies and
treatments to improve citizens health

Internationally renowned
biomedical research


Alfredo Martínez

Alfredo Martínez

Alfredo Martínez

Phone: +34 941 278 855


Alfredo Martínez completed undergraduate studies in Biology and obtained a PhD in Cell Biology (University of Navarra, Pamplona, 1991). He performed post-doctoral training in Vancouver (University of British Columbia), Dublin (Trinity College), and London (Hammersmith Hospital). He spent 11 years at the National Cancer Institute (NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA) as a Visiting/Staff Scientist under the supervision of Dr Frank Cuttitta. He returned to Spain in 2004 to lead a research team at the Cajal Institute (Spanish Council for Scientific Research, CSIC) in Madrid. In 2008 he won the call for the position of Group Leader at the Oncology Area of the CIBIR. His main line of work centers on the development of new pro- and anti-angiogenic therapies in the fight against cancer, Alzheimer´s disease, and other clinically relevant diseases. His studies usually involve genetically engineered mice as well as cutting-edge techniques at the molecular and cellular level. The angiogenesis laboratory believes in translational (from bench to bedside) research and is leading several clinical trials based on basic observations made by the group.

Dr Martínez´s curriculum contains more than 190 publications in specialized international journals and he has been the principal investigator of numerous national and international research grants.






11 April 2017




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