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José Manuel García Pichel

José Manuel García Pichel

José Manuel García Pichel

Email: jgpichel@riojasalud.es

Phone: + 34 941 278 874 (Ext.:89874)


Born in Santiago de Compostela (Spain, 1962), in which University he graduated (1985) and obtained his pH.D. in Biological Sciences (1990). As a postdoctoral researcher at the NIH (Bethesda, MD, USA), he worked for almost six years in Dr. H. Westphal’s Group (NICHD, NIH). There he became familiar with different transgenesis methodologies in mice, applied to study the role of oncogenes and tumor suppressor and growth factors genes in oncogenesis and embryonic development. Some of these models are still being used as tools for in vivo genetic modification.

In 1996 he returned to the Center for Biological Research (CIB / CSIC, Madrid; Spain), where he studied the role of insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) in lung development. In 1999, as a FIS (ISCIII) Researcher at the Hospital of Mérida (Badajoz, Spain) he launched a Laboratory of Molecular Biology to investigate in cancer. In 2002, he moved to the CIC (Centro de Investigacion del Cancer USAL-CSIC) in Salamanca (Spain) as a CSIC Ramón y Cajal Researcher, where he led a research group on mechanisms of action of growth factors and their receptors in lung development and lung cancer.

Since 2009, Dr. García Pichel has been in charge of the Research Group on Lung Cancer and Respiratory Diseases at the CIBIR (Logroño, Spain), where he investigates the implication of IGF genes in pulmonary pathologies. His Group has generated animal models to study IGFs function in respiratory system and other organs homeostasis, and also collaborates with the Pneumology Service of the Hospital San Pedro de Logroño to study samples obtained from patients with respiratory diseases.

He has published numerous articles in international scientific journals with a high impact index, has trained postgraduate students and has directed and directed several doctoral theses. He is a member of SEBBM/FEBS, of which he is consul in La Rioja (Spain), and SEPAR/ERS.






11 April 2017


Lung Cancer and Respiratory Diseases


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