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Creativity and Innovation
for the patient

Development of new therapies and
treatments to improve citizens health

Internationally renowned
biomedical research


Eva Mª Gómez-Orte

Eva Mª Gómez-Orte

Eva Mª Gómez-Orte

Email: emgomez@riojasalud.es

Phone: +34 941 278 855 (Ext.:84868)


Dr Eva Gomez Orte obtained her degree in Biology from the University of Navarra and she got her Master degree in Biotechnology from University of Barcelona. She obtained her Ph.D in Biology from the University of Barcelona. During her thesis she worked in the characterization of mobile elements.

She pursued postdoctoral training at: Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 2002-2003; Department of Genetics, Smurfit Institute, Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland 2003-2007 and she participated in the European project: Virus-Induced Gene Silencing. Eva returned to Spain in 2007 as I3P researcher of the Institute of Evolutionary Biology of Barcelona, CSIC-UPF, to work in the project: Silencing the Silencing machinery.

In 2009 Eva Gomez Orte joined the group of Proliferation and Differentiation at the Centre for Biomedical Research of La Rioja (CIBIR). She is working as senior Postdoctoral researcher and she is involved in the design and execution of the research projects, training and co-direction of PhD students. In 2015 she received the Assistant teacher doctor accreditation by The National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain (ANECA).

Eva Gomez Orte has done short term stays at different Institutes: Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki, Finland, 2001; Department of Plant Science, Wageningen, The Netherlands, 2004; Biotechnology Center, Godollo, Hungary, 2005; Martin Chalfie laboratory, Columbia University, New York, 2014. She has been awarded with national and international fellowship: T-DOC, CIRIT-Generalitat de Catalunya (2000-2001), EMBO fellowship (2001), CSIC/I3P-doc program, Spanish National Research Council Fellowship (2007-2009).


11 April 2017


Proliferation and differentiation in Cancer


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