Environmental Policy

The Center for Biomedical Research of La Rioja (CIBIR), managed by the Rioja Health Foundation (FRS), establishes its policy to ensure the environment protection. CIBIR also provides the framework to carry out the activities that guarantees the compliance with the requirements proposed by the organization.

In addition, CIBIR will promote research, education and training activities with an environmental focus.

According to its policy, the Board of Directors of the Rioja Salud Foundation approves environmental goals and targets in order to establish the strategy. These objectives and targets are reviewed periodically.

All the staff in CIBIR must be committed to these principles. Thus, CIBIR will perform research and will provide services in a renowned environmental friendly way.

Fundamentals of its Environmental Policy

CIBIR is committed to fulfill the applicable environmental law and regulations in Europe and Spain.

CIBIR is committed to carry out its activities with the standard of saving natural resources and the prevention and control of air pollution, water from the drainage system and soil. This is performed through standard procedures for both regular and emergency situations. CIBIR identifies and assesses the environmental effects associated to its activities, preventing and controlling harmful effects to the environment.

CIBIR, through the environmental management system, establishes the procedures to perform the appropriate waste segregation and recycling to reduce the quantity and hazard of the waste generated.

CIBIR is committed to achieve the energy effectiveness, as well as promotes the use of ecological products and technologies. CIBIR performs a continuous improvement quality program for environmental quality standards.

CIBIR will support work with suppliers and contractors who apply environmental standards aligned with our environmental policy.

CIBIR promotes the consciousness-raising in environmental issues through education.

The environmental policy is available: employees, users and the interested parties.

CIBIR will promote the consciousness-raising in environmental issues among its workers, suppliers and users.