Mission, vision and values

The mission of CIBIR is triple:

  • Contribute to develop new therapies and treatments to improve Health and citizens` quality of life.
  • Promote the Training and Education for professionals in the health area bringing closer the research to clinical practice.
  • Contribute to the regional economic growth by participating in the development of a regional biotechnological sector.

In order to achieve our objectives, it is mandatory to become an internationally renowned organization in areas of great socioeconomic impact in biomedical research. We have to be focused in differentiation and specialization searching for new funding channels.

Flexibility, creativity and innovation are key research elements that permeate all our activity. Therefore, our institution must be a modern, agile and creative organization that provides new health solutions through innovation as well as new management procedures.

The culture and values of the organization are resumed in 3 key elements:

  • Excellence in science
  • Team-working
  • Respect (to the institution, patients and workmates)